Youth Parliament of Manitoba

Have you ever wondered how political system work? I have too. But I was able to participate in the most beneficial program I’ve ever participated in. This program was called Youth Parliament of Manitoba .

I remember one day, surfing the internet and came across this. I didn’t think much of it and scrolled passed it. A couple weeks later, I happened to come across it again, this time I looked at the link and I had the slightest interest in it, but then again – I closed the link. A week later, it popped up again and this time, I took it into consideration. I spoke to my parents for a while and then made the decision to attend.

The first day, I was very shy. (don’t ask) and I didn’t know anyone, until I seen a friend! I was instantly comfortable to be there. I remember sitting down in the back. Just the environment I was in, everyone was so friendly.

During the next few days, we were able to learn the policies in politics and even participating in very interesting debates (It was my first time debating) and we also were given the opportunity to have a “Meet n’ Greet” luncheons with some political parties. (NDP, Progressive Conservatives and Liberals) During these luncheons, I was able to ask some of the politicians some questions that I’ve always wanted to ask politicians.

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A highlight for me was all the friends I’ve made. I was surprised how everyone become friends with everyone and how no one was left out. The friend’s I’ve made are definitely going to be in my life for a long time. They’ve made my Youth Parliament of Manitoba experience into something that I will never forget.

I would definitely encourage everyone between the ages of 16-20 to apply for this program because you don’t only learn more about the political system, but you make friends that will always be there for you. I can’t wait to go back next year!

For more information on Youth Parliament of Manitoba, you can visit

Here are some more photos of my time at Youth Parliament of Manitoba!

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